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Bed Month

National Bed Month (March) kicks off on Sunday making it the perfect time to think about why your bed should be your new best friend!

With latest research* showing more than one in 10 people (13%) find an uncomfortable bed disturbs their sleep – and nearly as many (12%) recognising a new bed would help them sleep better at night – a great bed, like a great friend, should offer comfort and support.

You could be doing all the right things when it comes to sleep – eating the right foods, limiting your alcohol and caffeine intake and exercising regularly. You may also be following sound advice and switching off your screens an hour before and winding down properly. Hopefully you'll even be sleeping in a cool, quiet and dark bedroom.

You could be practising all these things daily, but if you're sleeping on an old, unsupportive and unhealthy bed you STILL won't get a refreshing night's sleep. Interestingly, only 22% of people surveyed in our Great British Bedtime Report 2017 thought that a new bed would improve their sleep. And yet our own research a few years back found that when replacing an uncomfortable bed, a new bed was associated with an increase of 42 minutes sleep.

Don't underplay the importance of a bed in getting a good night's kip. A comfortable, supportive bed will ensure you move less, wake less, aren't disturbed by your partner as much and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching. And when we sleep better – we look better, feel better and perform better!

If you're unsure whether your bed is past its best, then look out for the signs such as its age, has it become noisy, do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally, is it sagging or even lumpy? You can take the Bed MOT for more guidance.

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