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Memory Flex

  • Description

    The Memory Flex mattress uses new innovative technologies unique to Healthbeds, catering for all your comfort needs. Their premium own brand of high density memory foam gives you all the benefits of generic memory foam with a few added extra comforts of their own allowing you to wake up feeling relaxed and revitalised.

    • Dual Density Memory Foam - Healthbeds' own brand of memory foam called 'Cool-Men' uses premium high density memory foam specially developed to keep you cooler and fresher whilst giving your body head to toe pressure relief and support. It is constructed from two layers, the initial top, softer layer works to ease tension from aching muscles and provides a luxurious feel. The second layer conforms to the body shape and reduces pressure build up. Both layers work together to hold the spine in its natural position, helping to eliminate pain and discomfort, allowing a deeper and more comfortable sleep.
    • Reflex foam - Reflex foam provides a firmer feel than generic memory foam. The foam is designed to provide more support as its firmer approach prevents you from feeling like your sinking too far into the mattress. This type of foam is the ideal choice if you require more lumbar support but enjoy the soft, sumptuous feel of memory foam.
    • Stretch Cover - Soft to the touch and the use of fabric that stretches in all directions allows a person's body to sink into the bed.
    • Easy Care - No need to turn, but regular rotation from head to toe will extend the mattresses life span.
    • The Divan Base includes the added benefit of a range of colours.

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